Host a Virtual Gala! Keep the Much-needed Donations Coming During This Time of Crisis!!

If your gala has been canceled, or it looks like it might be because of the Coronavirus there is still a way to educate, entertain, recognize, and give your supporters the opportunity to donate to your cause. You do not need to lose out on the much-needed funds that you were counting on raising [...]


Increase Auction Proceeds with a Paddle Call

posted by Lisa Weiss Iā€™m surprised by how often I speak with clients who have never heard of a Paddle Call. A Paddle Call ā€“ also known by names such as Fund-A-Need, Flurry, Special Appeal and others ā€“ is a highly effective tool for raising a lot of money for your cause in a short [...]

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3 Surefire Strategies for Benefit Auction Success in any Economy

If you're worried about the economy, you may be focusing on the wrong thing. Non-profit organizations are achieving auction success today by charting their course on the things that they CAN control to reverse the trends that many benefit auctions are experiencing due to the tough economy. These predictable yet controllable factors include: fewer attendance; [...]

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Fundraising Silent Auction Bid Sheets

The silent auction fundraiser often accounts for 50-100% of your fundraising auction revenue and the single most import ingredient to maximum your income is the bid sheet. To be most productive the bid sheet should contain: Logo of your organization (branding is important) Catalog number prominently displayed Complete and simple description of the item Starting [...]

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